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We start by listening. 

We ask a lot of questions about all design and advertising projects before any ideas take shape. What is the objective? Who is the target audience? What is the correct tone and manner? Does our creative strategy fit with the client's objectives? We ask the questions. We find the answers. 

Then, we turn the ideas into reality.

Robert Wright

Creative Director

Robert Wright is a senior Graphic Designer/Art Director with over 30 years experience in the field of creative communications and advertising. Before establishing Wright Ideas, he worked for high level advertising agencies and design firms. Since then, he has had the pleasure of working alongside numerous corporate and non-profit organizations consistently creating effective, memorable and award-winning creative communications. Rob is well accustomed to following marketing strategies written by senior marketing executives/agency account directors and experienced in preparing creative solutions that answer the marketing objectives.

Susan Wright

Account Supervisor

Susan Wright has over 25 years experience in advertising and corporate communications on a national and retail level. She has extensive knowledge in the areas of project coordination, production management and media planning within an advertising agency environment. With strong organizational skills and attention to detail, Susan is an invaluable asset on any project.

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